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What You'll Do

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A career in Purchasing and Supplier Quality is the ideal foundation for a long lasting career with Chrysler. Because of the business understanding and exposure gained here, there are many opportunities for advancement—not only within the departments, but also throughout the organization. See what it's like to work in these areas:


    To create and sell our growing product line, Chrysler leverages $68 billion in purchased parts and services in four commodities: Indirect Purchasing, Chemical Purchasing, Metallic Purchasing and Electrical Purchasing. The contracts you'll negotiate are intense, long-term and often involve complex commodities. For those individuals looking for a fast-paced and exciting work environment where your entrepreneurial spirit can drive success, Purchasing is the ideal fit.

    Throughout the course of your negotiation, you'll work with people across nearly every functional area of our organization. For example, today, you may meet with Engineering to confirm your specifications or test product quality; tomorrow, with Marketing for projected volumes, or Supplier Quality to determine the capabilities of your source.

    You'll also have opportunities to research new products and technologies as they appear on the market, so that the components we integrate in our vehicles keep us on the leading edge of our industry. It's a role very much in sync with our vision, and puts you in a unique position to drive its success.
    Our supply base, both domestic and international, is a critical component to our success. Keeping it strong allows us to better keep up with demand and launch new lines. To that end, we partner with our suppliers to develop their quality systems and ensure Chrysler will continually have the quality components we need.

    We'll expect you to visit with your suppliers regularly, and take the opportunities to get out on the plant floor and see the manufacturing environment. The relationship you build can make our relationship more fruitful for both Chrysler and the supplier.

    Like Purchasing, Supplier Quality connects with more corners of the organization than any other area, and its work has a direct effect on the vehicles our customers buy. If you are looking for an opportunity to extend your reach, and your impact, there may be no better career.

    Nothing fuels customer loyalty like service. Working within our Mopar® Service, Parts and Customer Care division is an opportunity to drive growth in an integral part of our business. The Mopar® group is quite diversified, and includes:

    • Parts – Supply Chain Management – Parts Supply Chain Management is responsible for global order fulfillment and distribution of service parts and accessories for all of Chrysler Group LLC. This area processes over 180,000 customer orders per day. It also manages Chrysler's National & Field Parts Depots and the implementation of World Class Logistics.
    • Service & Parts Quality – Service & Parts Quality is responsible for technical improvements. It is the quality lead for supporting continuity in our process improvement actions. Service & Parts Quality also leads the coordination of internal processes using owner feedback, with enhancing customer satisfaction our overall goal.
    • Parts Sales Operations – Parts Sales Operations drives our global parts revenue by implementing strategies that promote customer loyalty and capitalize on retail and wholesale market opportunities. Our goal is to develop and provide a complete portfolio of products so that we have the right part, at the right place, for the right price, at the right time.
    • Service & Parts Marketing – Our Service & Parts Marketing team works to strengthen the brand and develop strategies to expand the market. Its goal is to improve current performance levels and brand awareness in all aspects of the after-sales experience.
    • Service Contracts – Chrysler Service Contracts (CSC) develops, markets, sells, and administers extended major mechanical coverage and convenience/maintenance products on new and pre-owned vehicles manufactured by Chrysler and competitive brand manufacturers.
    • Technical Service Operations – Technical Service Operations is responsible for Warranty Operations, Field Technical Support, Technical Development, Service/Parts Information Delivery and Advanced Technology to support the Business Centers, dealerships and the customer. Service Engineering is the primary voice of service within the Product Development community with the goal of improving serviceability, maintainability, insurability and reducing damageability.
    • Service Fleet – Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Service is responsible for delivering integrated customer-focused support after the sale, and for driving products that maximize customer loyalty.
    • Customer Care – The Customer Care and Call Centers Group supports our customers, dealers and business centers by taking responsibility for inbound/outbound customer calls, regulatory affairs, global alliance issues and managing the Customer Promoter Score (CPS).
    • International Service & Parts – International Service & Parts has oversight and governance of issues related to sales and marketing, market management, supply chain order fulfillment and customer satisfaction for international markets.
If you're a determined achiever, someone who's not afraid to tackle new challenges, you will find the variety and growth opportunities at Chrysler the perfect career fit. Learn about the jobs now available in Purchasing and Supplier Quality.

Ready to take your career further? Get in and drive.



Purchasing Manager


  • Q: What type of person succeeds in Chrysler purchasing?
    A: Someone who is driven and motivated, a team player who is willing to voice their opinion, bring new ideas to the table, and offer a “fresh set of eyes.” In purchasing, team building is very important. You’re involved with many cross–functional areas of the company. You meet with Engineering for part specifications, Supply Chain for vehicle sales forecasts, Supplier Quality to make sure your sources have a high level of quality…you are very much in sync with every area of the organization.
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